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Name: Jessica Slater
TeamTodd Role: Administrator and TeamTodd Minion
Favourite Movie: Mars Attacks
Favourite TV Series: Angel
Favourite Game: Monkey Island
Desired Super Power: Super Speed
A bit about me: I love watching films and playing games. I'm not really your typical kinda girl. I collect consoles, old and new. I have a room in my house that is my gaming room. In it I've got setup all my consoles so I can play on whichever I like whenever I like. The walls are lined with games/movies and posters. I still love to do some 'real girly' things, like shopping etc but I tend to shop for games and movies as well as clothes and shoes. The rest of my life tends to revolve around Todd at the moment not only cause I working a lot on it but also cause my boyfriend is Mark (Todd Webmaster) so we're always working on and talking about it. I dye my hair...alot...I change the colour of it on a regular basis. So far in the past couple of years I've had brown/blonde/red/blue/white & blue/brown & green/brown & red/ blonde & red/pink. I've got 3 tattoos so far and 8 piercings. I have a pretty boring job during the day in an office but it keeps me occupied during the day and also keeps the money coming in so I can't complain.

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