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The TeamTodd blogs are a chance to look into the behind the scenes of Todd the Zombie, the lives of the creators and maybe even a preview of what’s to come on Todd.

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Evening all

It's been a long time since work began on our next episode "Party Hard: Part I" and it's taken a lot longer than originally intended to produce. One of the main reasons for this is that I've been trying to get a larger
Gax - 29/10/14

Back Again. Progress on 'Party Hard' the next installment of Todd is coming along nicely. I've decided to spend a little bit more time finding some more guest voices for the episode as we have the highest count read more...

Gax -  30/9/14

Howdy Todd fans!

'Party Hard' the next episode in the series 2 run is coming very soon, but in 2 parts. Part I will be released around the start of December *fingers crossed* and Part II a couple of months after that.
Gax -  29/8/14


Here we go again folks, I'm back for more ramblings. As I hope you're aware, we released 'Lizard Suit Larry' into the wild on Monday. It's our longest episode yet,


Just a quick update from me on the progress of the newest episode;
- Music done
- Tracks created for levels to be fixed

Ecky - 16/7/14
Not done one of these in a loooong time, so here it goes. We're working on our newest Todd episode 'Lizard Suit Larry' and it's freakin' sweet! It's been so long since we got into some real episode work

Gax -  30/6/14

Time for another update on what we're up to. If you follow us on Twitter you should by now be aware that all the cell design and base animation for 'Lizard Suit Larry' our newest episode has now been completed. For the past few days both myself and Ecky read more...

Gax -  13/6/14

Here we go again!

The creation of the newest Todd installment "Lizard Suit Larry" is in full swing. All design work is pretty much completed and we're nearly halfway through creating the cells and avi's for each scene.

Gax - 27/4/14

How do!

It's been way too too long.

It's taken us a while but we're back and working on a new episode for series 2. While Colin is battling with the actual continuation of series 2 the new script has been written

Gax - 31/12/12

Well it's the end of another year and as far as new episodes it's been a quiet year and we haven't been able to get into Series 2 of Todd read more...
Gax - 29/9/13

Howdy freakin' doody!

A quick update on where we're at with the newest episode. Things are coming along nicely. We're now at the music stage and  I've got some excellent music
Colin - 2/9/13

What? Really has it been so long ago that I last wrote one of these things?  Damn I’ve been lazy.  And to be fair that has been the watchword for a while.  Since Episode 1 ran into delays I stalled and ummed and ahhed about various things to do read more...

Gax - 24/8/13

Howdy Toddites

Well, the long search is finally over. We have now found the new voice of Lane. As of this week Meredith McGrath joins TeamTodd and I hope that you'll all make her feel welcome. r
ead more...

Gax - 3/8/13

How do folks!

It's been a while I know but it's been a crazy time of late. Now we started work on episode 1 of series 2 at the beginning of the year but it came to a halt for a couple of reasons, the main one being we needed to find some new cast members. looks like we may

Gax - 01/05/13

It's the first of May, the first of May, out door fucking starts today!

Ok so that line will only made sense if you're familiar with Jonathan Coulton, and if you're not then you should be!

Paul - 10/3/13

I felt it was time to update you guys with series 2 about to  premiere. It feels like an eternity since I have had anything to do  with Todd as I recorded about 4 months ago

Gax - 10/2/13

Hi Toddites
First off a few words about our friend Sam. If you're a fan of Todd on Facebook you will know that he was in a serious car accident on the night of the 5th February. Despite odds being against him at first,

Ecky - 28/12/12

Howdy Toddites!
I hope you've all had a good holiday so far and if you're lucky like Gax and myself you've not yet had to go back to work. Although we're not working at our day jobs we're hard at work on the newest episode of Todd. I took a few days off over Christmas but I'm back at it today and though I'd give you a quick update

Gax - 11/12/12

How do?

So I decided to do a new blog and thought it would be a bit different to do a bit of a Q&A instead of the usual drivel I talk. I asked on Twitter for people to send me questions either on myself, Todd

Ecky - 06/12/12

Time for a new Eckyblog!

We're now working on the first episode of the second series. I think it's not giving too much away if I say this takes a bit from Labyrinth, Smash TV, Stargate, Borderlands among other

Sam - 11/11/12

Hey there Toddites.

As you probably know, I'll no longer be working on the series for the foreseeable future. This is mainly because at the moment I've just not got the time to put into it

Gax - 17/10/12

Howdy folks!

I think it's about time to let you in on what the craic is with the team and the series.

There are still some wrinkles to be ironed out but the team for series 2 stands as follows:

Gax - 19/9/12

Howdy Ho Toddites!
It's been a while...hope all is is? Awesome!
Anyway enough of that, let's get down to business...
Todd. Series 2. work has begun. It's as simple as that really. Writer Colin has put together a bit of summary as to where he sees the series going. I've got to say, it's looking like it's going to be

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